Should Congress be able to send your kid to war or give away your job without your consent?


Treaties fall apart because some parties to the treaty have unfulfilled needs that are ignored by their Politicians.  Expectations of benefits from a treaty, that are not forth coming, cause people to feel cheated and/or betrayed.  It is a mistake to become a party to a treaty that has no political support in any population that is expected to abide by it.  This is like marring the wrong partner and your family loves her but you cannot live with her.


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Hey Mr. Politician wars are a powerful learning experience that your kids and grandkids should not miss out on.  Learning in an up close and personal situation like war is much more exciting than football!

      Copyright 2011 ANTI-POL Inc.

      Copyright 2011 ANTI-POL Inc.


To control and discipline politicians we must be able:

  1. to fire them once a year, every year
  2. to vote for "NONE OF THE ABOVE".
  3. to know and understand their sources of funds.
  4. to force them to write understandable legislation.
  5. to vote on pre-emptive wars and foreign treaties.


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