Were You Ever Completely Turned Off By A Slate Of Candidates?

Seacaus NJ Once Had A Pig Farmer Who Ran For President In Every Presidential Election He Could.  He Did It To Get Publicity For His Bar!

New Jersey also had campaign contributors who gave equally to both sets of candidates.  These contributions were made to insure that the giver had "access" to which ever candidate won.  Your state probably had similar contributors too!

If voters had the ability to vote for "None Of The Above" it would become very risky to buy "access" this way!

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$5.00 spent to clean up our balots will help to end the "Carnival" atmosphere that occurs in some voting districts.

      Copyright 2011 ANTI-POL Inc.

      Copyright 2011 ANTI-POL Inc.


To control and discipline politicians we must be able:

  1. to fire them once a year, every year
  2. to vote for "NONE OF THE ABOVE".
  3. to know and understand their sources of funds.
  4. to force them to write understandable legislation.
  5. to vote on pre-emptive wars and foreign treaties.


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