What Are Meaningful Term Limits?

For Term Limits to be meaningful they must apply to all office holders equally. Currently, only the President of the United States is limited to two four year terms.

The limit on the number of presidential terms was enacted by a Republican congress to get even with the FDR Democrats after FDR died in office after being re-elected to his fourth term.

This emotional snit denied two sitting Republican Presidents a third term.  Both Eisenhower and Reagan would have won third terms if they were allowed to run.

The point here is that Fixed Term Limits can deny us the services of good and capable leaders when their services are most needed.

Many members of congress spend their entire work life in office.  This gives them a bad dose of ignorance and causes them to disrespect and ignore us in favor of big campaign contributors. 

The right to fire these guys annually would be a real, meaningful, and Flexible Term Limit that will allow us to weed out our losers while keeping our super stars.

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Spending money to answer obvious liars like our current generation of politicians is a waste.  Spending $5.00 to get the right to fire politicians who view us with contempt is a nice way of saying; "Sorry Mr. Politician, but we'll get you next time."

      Copyright 2011 ANTI-POL Inc.

      Copyright 2011 ANTI-POL Inc.


To control and discipline politicians we must be able:

  1. to fire them once a year, every year
  2. to vote for "NONE OF THE ABOVE".
  3. to know and understand their sources of funds.
  4. to force them to write understandable legislation.
  5. to vote on pre-emptive wars and foreign treaties.


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