"Ignorance of the law is no excuse". 

This expression does not make exceptions for laws that are not understandable. 

Most legislation is difficult to read because of attached riders and multiple authors.

The mandatory expiration date addresses the fact that all non-constitutional legislation becomes obsolete with time. 

On the local level there are laws on the books against having sexual intercourse or taking a bath on Sundays.  Some of this legal garbage dates from the 1600's and is still on the books. 

In the 1600's these old laws were laughable and unenforceable.  Today we live in a cyber-world with satellite spy cameras.  Today these old laws are now very enforceable, ready for political use, and very dangerous for your personal freedom.  We need this constitutional change.

The second sentence afixes responsibility for enforcement of the new statute. 

The third sentence addresses the fact that all this stuff has to be paid for.  We need to know who gets to pay for it and how much they are going to have to pay.  We need this constitutional change.

Send us $5.00 to help pass this admendment and save a lot of bucks by avoiding legal nonsense in court costs caused by off subject riders.

      Copyright 2011 ANTI-POL Inc.

      Copyright 2011 ANTI-POL Inc.


To control and discipline politicians we must be able:

  1. to fire them once a year, every year
  2. to vote for "NONE OF THE ABOVE".
  3. to know and understand their sources of funds.
  4. to force them to write understandable legislation.
  5. to vote on pre-emptive wars and foreign treaties.


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