Is It Possible To Limit Campaign Contributions?


Because The Passion To Win In Politics Is Second Only To The Passion For Sex In Human Beings!

There is a third very strong human passion that we may use to cancel out the first two. 

This is the passion for money.  Read the last sentence of this proposed amendment again.  This time imagine yourself as being able to blow the whistle on a billion dollar corporation that just slipped your candidate a few million bucks in clear violation of this law.

Be honest with yourself.  Would you turn your guy in for a billion dollars?  You might not but most of us would.  Thus there will not be a very large number of violations of this rule. 

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Money spent to fix our government will help us get rid of the media know it alls who advise us to "Just hold your nose and vote!"

      Copyright 2011 ANTI-POL Inc.

      Copyright 2011 ANTI-POL Inc.


To control and discipline politicians we must be able:

  1. to fire them once a year, every year
  2. to vote for "NONE OF THE ABOVE".
  3. to know and understand their sources of funds.
  4. to force them to write understandable legislation.
  5. to vote on pre-emptive wars and foreign treaties.


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